How Long Will a Lace Texture Pool Deck Last?

Acrylic Lace Pool DeckAmong the most popular pool deck surfacing options available in the market, lace texture happens to be a favorite to many. It is preferred by many, probably due to the durability and ease of maintenance qualities. However, it will still require maintenance repairs and makeovers at some point in time. How long it will take your pool deck and other surfaces to require such attention may not be a defined by time, but will rather may depend on a few factors as will be mentioned below. First things first though, here are some good features that make acrylic lace texture a good option for surfacing your pool deck.

Maintenance free qualities of lace texture

Lace is in general, easy to clean and maintain. It is also resistant to thermal pressure that in most cases leads to hairline cracks and peeling of coatings, if any. Legitimate products are also quite durable and easy to repair. These features make the coating have a longer lifetime than most other resurfacing options.

Durability will depend on where you source your surfacing products and the manner of installation

The type, nature and authenticity of acrylic lace products will undoubtedly determine how long your coating will last. Purchase legit products from legit sources. Where you source your services from will also determine how well your installation will be done. It is also important to request a maintenance manual after your lace coating is installed.

Regular maintenance measures are important

Maintenance does not necessarily have to mean having to make repairs. How well your pool deck is maintained and inspected regularly can have an impact on the wear and tear rate of your installation. Water pH, pool cleaning, and water treatment are just but some of the regular maintenance measures that your pool should be subjected to; if at all your lace pool deck coating is to stay good looking for long.  Clean regularly with clean water and a stiff broom.  Deposits that are harder to clean can be subject to scrubbing with citrus based cleaners.

The under laying material

Depending on the base material underneath your lace textured surface, durability can be variable. A good example is for instance where another surface such as an existing application existing of Kool Deck or another acrylic lace finish happens to be under laying. How long before maintenance repairs are needed will be determined by how the installation was done and how the two layers bond to one another. This is because factors such as change in thermal resistance and the rate of contraction and expansion are likely to be interfered with when lace is applied over any another surface, even if it is similar in nature. If applied on bare concrete however, it is more likely to last longer.

Choosing a good installer

When having your deck, sidewalk, steps, and other surfaces of your pool deck installed or finished, it is important to consider your coatings installer.  As far as quality work is concerned, consider their expertise and experience in pool deck coatings before hiring them. Also, select someone, or company that is highly reputable in terms of service delivery and customer support. Do not as well forget to consider warranties and workmanship guarantees. A company that is confident in their product and service will definitely assure you of durability by warranting against their work. Warranties can be anywhere between 3-10 years depending on the specific policies, always do comparisons for these factors before settling for a particular service provider.


Can Acrylic Lace Texture Be Applied Over Existing “Kool Deck”?

poolsThe texture, appearance and the ‘look and feel’ of your pool deck, sidewalks, and steps are largely determined by the nature of these surfaces, and most importantly the type of finish applied. If you have a preinstalled kool deck surface, and you want to change or upgrade the look and feel of your pool to something more new looking, then you can consider applying acrylic lace texture on top. However, you should be sure to get advice on whether your resultant surfaces will last long before needing repairs and maintenance checks. Below are a few options to do this, along with the likely merits and demerits.

Using recommended coatings

Depending on the specific kool deck type, some manufacturers have recommended their acrylic coatings and lace textures that you can apply over your existing cool deck surface. Installation may involve application of pressure to wash off the top most surface so that the lace installation can bond more easily. This can be a good option to restore the condition of your pool deck to more appealing texture and look. These can be applied over undamaged kool deck textures as well.

Surface manipulation

The other option may involve pressure washing or the kool deck surface and a process known as acid etching. This can be effective, especially for hairline crack repairs to restore damaged. Through this option, damaged areas can be patched to restore elegance.

Cementing acrylics

There are also some types of acrylic lace pool deck products out there in the market that also have a cementing feature. To apply these, you can choose to grind off the kool deck top surface, applying the cementing acrylic onto the exposed surface. It can result to a durable, yet gorgeous texture that is easy to clean and is skid and slip free. You can as well choose to remove the entire preinstalled surface and apply a new lace texture altogether.

The advantage of applying acrylic lace over Kool deck

Due to the fact that acrylic lace textures are quite adaptable to many surface types, application is easy and results into an easy clean surface. It can be an effective method for refurbishing and giving your pool deck a cost effective make over as compared to having the entire flooring redone. Also, the resulting texture is skid free and can go a long way in enhancing the appearance of your entire pool.

Cons of applying acrylic lace over Kool decks

One of the most disappointing factor when acrylic lace texture is applied over kool deck is that the surface may not be as long lasting as a fresh installation over concrete would be. Acrylic coatings are also pone to fading over time due to the effect of light and weather conditions. The resulting surface is also more likely to become less cool that the previous one. These changes in temperature resistance are also more likely to increase the costs of maintenance. Acrylic lace decking installations may also cost more than other types of pool deck decors.