Can Acrylic Lace Texture Be Applied Over Existing “Kool Deck”?

poolsThe texture, appearance and the ‘look and feel’ of your pool deck, sidewalks, and steps are largely determined by the nature of these surfaces, and most importantly the type of finish applied. If you have a preinstalled kool deck surface, and you want to change or upgrade the look and feel of your pool to something more new looking, then you can consider applying acrylic lace texture on top. However, you should be sure to get advice on whether your resultant surfaces will last long before needing repairs and maintenance checks. Below are a few options to do this, along with the likely merits and demerits.

Using recommended coatings

Depending on the specific kool deck type, some manufacturers have recommended their acrylic coatings and lace textures that you can apply over your existing cool deck surface. Installation may involve application of pressure to wash off the top most surface so that the lace installation can bond more easily. This can be a good option to restore the condition of your pool deck to more appealing texture and look. These can be applied over undamaged kool deck textures as well.

Surface manipulation

The other option may involve pressure washing or the kool deck surface and a process known as acid etching. This can be effective, especially for hairline crack repairs to restore damaged. Through this option, damaged areas can be patched to restore elegance.

Cementing acrylics

There are also some types of acrylic lace pool deck products out there in the market that also have a cementing feature. To apply these, you can choose to grind off the kool deck top surface, applying the cementing acrylic onto the exposed surface. It can result to a durable, yet gorgeous texture that is easy to clean and is skid and slip free. You can as well choose to remove the entire preinstalled surface and apply a new lace texture altogether.

The advantage of applying acrylic lace over Kool deck

Due to the fact that acrylic lace textures are quite adaptable to many surface types, application is easy and results into an easy clean surface. It can be an effective method for refurbishing and giving your pool deck a cost effective make over as compared to having the entire flooring redone. Also, the resulting texture is skid free and can go a long way in enhancing the appearance of your entire pool.

Cons of applying acrylic lace over Kool decks

One of the most disappointing factor when acrylic lace texture is applied over kool deck is that the surface may not be as long lasting as a fresh installation over concrete would be. Acrylic coatings are also pone to fading over time due to the effect of light and weather conditions. The resulting surface is also more likely to become less cool that the previous one. These changes in temperature resistance are also more likely to increase the costs of maintenance. Acrylic lace decking installations may also cost more than other types of pool deck decors.

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